School works

My school education in the technical graphic section called TEKNIKA in Mons allowed me to be very versatile.
During my studies, I worked in many areas of computer graphics. I've always preferred graphic design and web design but I also realized some works in 3D, in motion design.
Here are some of my works.

1. Experimenta Design

Visual identity for a design festival based in Portugal.

2. Some UI design

I did a few websites in HTML/CSS. From wireframing to coding via designing in Adobe XD.

3. Some 3D work

During my studies, I did some work in 3D. Curious by nature, I was very happy to extend my knowledge to other design areas. Here, for example, two 3D renderings that I realized.

4. Cy Twombly

Visual identity for a Cy Twombly's exhibition in Paris.